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Notice of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Southern California State University is dedicated to supporting and maintaining an academic environment with values which include civility, dignity, diversity, education, equality, honesty, and safety.
When students choose to accept admission to Southern California State University, they accept the rights and responsibilities of its student body and are expected to uphold its previously stated values by maintaining a high standard of conduct.
Southern California State University has developed policies and procedures that outline specific standards to be followed and measures taken when handling its state of affairs. The purpose of this Notice of Student Rights and Responsibilities is to inform students that they are endowed certain rights and are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. It does not replace the afore-mentioned policies and procedures, nor does it constrain the procedures or guidelines outlined in those policies. As such, students are required to educate themselves on their rights and responsibilities by reading and confirming that they understand all student related policies and procedures.