Man jailed for intercourse assault on Tinder date appeals phrase

Man jailed for intercourse assault on Tinder date appeals phrase

Paul Flaherty (30) ended up being discovered bad by way of a jury during the Central Criminal Court final December

A person jailed for 5 years for intimately assaulting a female he came across on internet dating app Tinder will wait to listen to in the event that Court of Appeal wil dramatically reduce their phrase.

Paul Flaherty (30) ended up being discovered accountable by way of a jury during the Central Criminal Court final December of intimately assaulting a female at his house on Kiltipper Avenue, Tallaght, Dublin on August 31st, 2015.

The event were held while Flaherty’s moms and dads had been into the next-door bed room.

Flaherty and their target came across for drinks earlier that day after carefully exchanging communications on Tinder.

Appealing the five-year phrase, Michael O’Higgins SC told the three-judge court that the test judge needs considered his client’s offence during the budget of this scale. He stated the prosecution situation had been that Flaherty have been convicted of intimate attack to take from the woman’s clothes, choking her and pressing her genitals.

Mr O’Higgins said these functions must have been broken down into three split costs by the prosecution so the jury may have determined precisely which work or functions their customer had been accountable of.

As that didn’t take place, counsel stated the test judge need to have examined which offense was shown beyond reasonable doubt and sentenced consequently. He stated that when their client had only been responsible of forcibly getting rid of the woman’s clothes that might be an offense regarding the entry level regarding the scale. If he had been convicted of tried strangulation then that could be much more serious, he stated.

Counsel stated there clearly was a “serious issue” in relation to the allegations of tried strangulation and genital touching and, “there is a concern mark over if the jury made a choosing in respect of these functions.”

He stated the judge may have expected the jury to describe the foundation due to their bad verdict to prevent question.

Counsel for the Director of Public Prosecutions Eilis Brennan SC stated the test judge have been clear from the foundation for sentencing. She stated there clearly was without doubt the girl was afflicted by a violent assault that is sexual would place the offense during the high end associated with the scale. She pointed to bruising from the woman’s neck while the proof of witnesses whom saw her asian wife pics state that is distressed after fled Flaherty’s house.

President associated with Court of Appeal Justice George Birmingham stated he’d deliver a judgment next October 24th thursday.


Throughout the phrase hearing in March 2018, Justice Michael White noted that the girl had caused it to be clear to Flaherty he ignored that request that she was not interested in sexual contact but.

He said the woman’s integrity that is bodily “sacrosanct” and this is a “very serious intimate attack” that could never be called small.

The victim said her life would never be the same again since Flaherty, a man “twice” her size, sexually assaulted her in her victim impact statement.

“It shouldn’t make a difference what clothing I happened to be putting on, the way I wore my locks or the things I stated. On that evening, this man abused my trust, preyed upon my naivety and annihilated my peoples legal rights.

“He left bruises back at my human anatomy, that have very long since faded, and then he inflicted scars upon my brain which will never heal,” she said.

She stated not merely had she suffered “physical and torture that is mental but she needed to “relive the big event” throughout the test where her life was “stripped bare” and her character “assassinated.”

“The proven fact that another being that is human effective at inflicting such horror upon another had been, but still is, therefore profoundly shocking if you ask me. I not desire raising kiddies considering that the globe seems therefore sinister now”, she stated.

The girl stated every man” that is“unfamiliar had the possibility to become a “predator” and she felt forced to surrender her civil service work as svie could perhaps not pay attention to her work. She feared walking to and from her workplace vehicle park and stressed Flaherty would strike her once more.

She stated there is no manual for “overcoming one thing so” that is abhorrent she “very almost” destroyed everything she had struggled to obtain due to Flaherty’s actions on that night.

Garda Aisling O’Connor told Kerida Naidoo SC, prosecuting, that Flaherty and also the girl initially made contact through the Tinder dating app before exchanging phone figures.

They arranged to meet up and invested the drinking together before returning to his parent’s house in Tallaght day. They visited Flaherty’s bed room where there is consensual kissing before Flaherty continued to assault the girl.